About us


As a Finance we are established with the experience of many years and expertise in finance and finance related works.Our company is a growing financial services company in consumer lending, asset reconstruction and capital markets.

The Money Transfer was found out with the target of giving the mortal a number of product and services that may be useful to him on his path to prosperity.the company has achieved important success in reaching this objective and has created an incredible sense of loyalty among its customers.

The Money Transfer is the world’s first neutral online marketplace for instant customized rate quotes on loans, Personal Loan, Business Loan, and Short Term Loan. Shop for loans & insurance just like you buy everything else now – online

We are a web platform that gives our customers with financial product and services like personal loan, business loan & more. we’ve got a tendency to attach borrowers with lenders to help them to get the foremost effective deal potential. we tend to additionally offer additional services to our customers like big-data analytics, credit risk assessment and verification, and automatic workflows for loan origination and management.

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